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Olimena J.M. Rovanesi

Roots of origin

Olimena J.M. Rovanesi was born on November 25th, 1978, in the small town of Westville, New Jersey. Her parents, one from the United States and the other from Spain instilled in her a love for stories due to the mix of cultures in her upbringing. Growing up, Olimena spent much of her childhood lost in books by authors like Toni Morrison, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Isabel Allende, finding solace in the rich and immersive worlds they created.


Olimena is deeply passionate about the art of storytelling through writing. Their pen dances across the page, weaving tales of adventure, love, and mystery. Whether crafting intricate plots or delving into the depths of characters' emotions, writing is where they find their truest expression.


Immersing themselves in the pages of a book, Olimena finds solace and inspiration. With every turn of the page, they explore new worlds, meet unforgettable characters, and ponder life's deepest questions. Reading isn't just a hobby for them; it's a lifelong journey of discovery and wonder.


When the canvas calls, Olimena picks up their brushes to create worlds of color and emotion. Painting is a form of expression that allows them to capture fleeting moments, emotions, and landscapes. Whether it's bold strokes or delicate details, each painting is a glimpse into their vivid imagination.


Pedaling through winding trails and open roads, Olimena finds freedom and adventure on two wheels. Cycling isn't just a form of exercise—it's a way to explore the world, feel the wind against their face, and embrace the rhythm of the road. Every ride is a new journey, full of possibilities and discoveries.


Through the lens of their camera, Olimena captures moments frozen in time. Whether it's the beauty of nature, the hustle and bustle of city life, or the intimate expressions of people, photography is their way of preserving memories and telling stories without words. Each photograph is a glimpse into their unique perspective on the world.


Olimena is a dynamic and innovative publishing house dedicated to bringing diverse voices and captivating stories to readers worldwide. With a passion for literature and a commitment to quality, she is a beacon for both established and emerging authors.


After graduating high school, Olimena briefly attended a local community college but left to work full-time at a nearby factory. For years, she felt unfulfilled and like something was missing. In her late 20s, Olimena began taking creative writing classes at a community center and attending writing conferences whenever she could. She was determined to become a writer but put her dreams on hold to focus on raising her children and supporting her husband’s career as a housewife.

It wasn’t until her mid-30s that Olimena decided to return to writing. She began a journal of her adventures, chronicling her travels with her family to different destinations. As she filled the pages with descriptions of new sights, sounds, and experiences, Olimena felt a sense of fulfillment she hadn’t experienced in years.

Inspired by the success of other travel writers, Olimena decided to take her writing to the next level. She enrolled in online writing courses, studied the work of her favorite authors, and began sharing her travel stories with friends and family. Slowly but surely, Olimena gained confidence in her writing and began to dream of publishing her book.


At the age of 44, she decided to try her hand at an internet business. She began exploring different options and stumbled upon Amazon’s KDP platform. Olimena saw an opportunity to publish her own work and decided to take the plunge. Her first two books were a travel journal and a coloring book.

Despite facing challenges and setbacks, she persisted, learning as much as she could about the publishing industry and marketing her books. Her hard work paid off, and her books began to gain traction on Amazon’s platform. Olimena was thrilled to see her work reaching readers all over the world.

Today, Olimena is an author and entrepreneur with several books published on Amazon. Her writing often explores themes of identity, family, and the immigrant experience, drawing on her own background and the stories of those around her. In her free time, Olimena enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Olimena remains humble and grateful for the opportunities that writing and entrepreneurship have brought her. She frequently volunteers at local schools and community centers, speaking to aspiring writers and entrepreneurs and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. For Olimena, writing and entrepreneurship are not just careers, but a way of connecting with others and sharing the stories that matter most.

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Me encanta colorear y buscaba un libro diferente ¡y lo encontré! Las ilustraciones son preciosas y me encanta la cantidad de detalles que tiene. Es perfecto para los ratitos que me dedico a mí y a mi pasión, que es colorear.



 A great book, with soft colors to create the images from them, which are beautiful once finished. Each time you draw a line you discover new details to complete and make a more complex and beautiful image, which encourages you to continue to finish the drawing.



 I got this book for my nice, she is 20 yo and loves coloring books. I’m sure she will love to the powerful women drawings in this book.
Also it surprise me the bonus inside the QR code. Very well done!
I for sure recommend this book and will buy again.


Claudia Fontolliet

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